terça-feira, novembro 15, 2005

DMC Buzz Chart ( 04.Novembro ' 05)

1 NICK & DANNY CHATELAIN ‘Is Killing Me’ (Ovum)
2 PHILIPPE B VS TODD TERRY ‘Can You Feel It? (Can You Party)’ (Boss)
3 THE ROLLING STONES ‘Rain Fall Down’ (Virgin) Ashley Beedle remix
4 MEAT KATIE & ELITE FORCE ‘Nu-Tron / All Night Long’ (Adrift)
5 CHROMEO ‘Needy Girl’ (Back Yard)Paper Faces (aka Jacque La Cont)
6 KING UNIQUE ‘Flashing Lights / Curfew Time’ (Junior Boys Own)
7 SUPAFLY INC ‘Erotic City’ (Supafly)
8 RICHIE HAWTIN ‘The Tunnel / Twin Cities’ (Novamute)
9 BURNING DIVAZ ‘I’m Attracted To You’ (Instinct)
10 KINGS OF TOMORROW ‘6pm’ (Defected)

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