domingo, novembro 04, 2007

Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol. 11

Michael Reinboth, do colectivo Jazzanova e um dos patrões da Compost Records, compila periodicamente uma selecção de temas actuais dentro da área da electrónica que apresentem o espirito do jazz. A essas colectâneas chamou de "Future Sounds Of Jazz". O volume número 11 está pronto para saír para os escaparates.
Com faixas em exclusivo, remixes e muito mais, "Future Sounds Of Jazz Vol. 11", traz temas de Koop, Invisible Session, Yanna Veldevit, 400 Blows, Blackjoy (em remistura de Prins Thomas) ou Dennis Ferrer. Música moderna e sofisticada para clubs, de minimal house ao tech jazz.
Desta vez aqui na Zona 8 vamos dar-vos a opurtunidade de poderem descarregar para o vosso computador este disco na integra. Tudo em nome da divulgação da boa música.
Não se esquecam de apoiar os artistas presentes nesta obra, comprando o cd original.
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press release:
Michael Reinboth presents volume 11 in the "Future Sounds Of Jazz" series. Modern sophisticated club music - from minimal house to tech jazz. Including tracks by Dennis Ferrer, Blackjoy, The Invisible Session, Solomun & Stimming etc. and remixes by Prins Thomas, Panoptikum, Drumlesson etc. (four exclusive tracks). "Call this what you want - but not Jazz. John Coltrane would turn over in his grave," some disappointed customer wrote on Amazon about the Future Sounds Of Jazz series, apparently unaware that the term is used as synonym with the full spectrum of modern sophisticated club music. No matter if the beats are straight or broken, up- or downtempo the music connoisseur Michael Reinboth presents rarities, exclusives and contemporary beauties with a certain jazzy attitude. So welcome to the eleventh chapter of this exquisite compilation series that was launched way back in 1995. The longevity may be the most obvious proof for its success - and quality! Not for nothing in the past years Future Sounds Of Jazz has been voted repeatedly one of the best compilation series of all times in English and German music magazines like Mixmag, Jockey Slot and Groove. But instead of being misled to rest on his laurels Mr. Reinboth is only incited to update his track record. Anyway, a lot of great soulful electronic music out there at the moment and this package right here takes you on a diversified trip into the deeper spheres of advanced dance music. The selection ranges from warm but fragile minimal house by Solomun & Stimming to Christian Prommer's luscious tech-jazz-rework of Koop. With the rare Extended Mix of "Movin" by 400 Blows there is even some kind of protoype Nu Disco track from the 80s included. Business as usual, there is a bunch of exclusive and unreleased highlights awaiting you like the brand new Panoptikum Remix of Invisible Session's "Til The End", "Salome" by British newcomer Joash or the instrumental remix. These stand out cuts will be available on CD or for download for the very first time. Surely John Coltrane would turn over in his grave when hearing this - looking for some more room to dance!

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