domingo, janeiro 20, 2008

10º Capitulo dos The Rurals

O projecto The Rurals iniciou-se em 1994 com o encontro entre a cantora Marie (mais conhecida por Tweek) e o dj/produtor Andy Compton. A empatia foi tanta que os 2 se casaram e mudaram-se para interior de Inglaterra. Aí criaram a sua própria editora, a Peng, por onde já lançaram cerça de 50 ep's e 9 albúns. Ao longo destes anos os The Rurals trabalharam tambem para editoras como Motown, Naked Music, EMI South Africa, ou Large Records entre outras.
"10th Chapter" é o décimo da dupla, com o som que já nos habituaram: house/deep house muito bem produzida com a voz soulful de Tweek e instrumentos reais e jazzy a apimentarem todas as faixas.
Ao 10º capitulo os The Rurals conseguiram juntar num só disco os melhores elementos dos 9 discoa anteriores.
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press release:

"'10th Chapter' is the Rurals 10th LP, from one of the most productive groups ever to come out of house music. The Rurals sound has always been a classic one, because of the warm "live" sounding production and Tweek's unique soulful voice. This album is by far the finest yet, capturing all the magic from the past 9 albums and merging it into their finest chapter! '10th Chapter' covers all sub genres of house music, from soul, deep, jazz, and dancefloor, and ends with organic jazz/funk. It's often shocked people that such amazing music can be spawned from Devon, and that such a black music sound can flow through these guys. The Rurals write music that touches the soul, timeless grooves that will spread universal love forever!!!"

I have walked the streets at night alone.
I have seen the sights and heard the sounds of the city
Naked under the street lamps with all her secrets exposed.
I have seen her homeless,
Crouched and cold under cardboard boxes
And her wounded wandering the alleyways
With dull eyes and beaten brows.

I have seen her neons flashing with urgency,
Bidding their welcomes to corner bars and pool halls,
Her whores and pushers pooling like tears
On corners with payphones and porches of crack-barns.
I have seen her weep for her children,
And whisper of better days...

I have walked the streets at night alone.
I have seen the sights and heard the sounds of the city
Soft under silver wisps of moonlight, and stoic silence.
I have seen her sidewalks,
Concrete and colorless, crying out
To her blind businessmen decked in neckties and briefcases,
Trapped in their world of gray and green.
I have seen her mourning in Winter's silence
Our futile searches and our forgotten dreams.
I have seen her standing high above it all,
And all alone,
In her brick, and steel, and stone.

City Trip
by Cynthia L. Hoefling