segunda-feira, março 01, 2010

DJ Deev / Zona 8 chart

Os temas mais rodados por DJ Deev na Zona 8 nas últimas semanas:

Roberto Rodriguez feat. Max C "about this love" (vocal mix) [Compost Black Label]
Sade "soldier of love" (boot more bass) [white]
"joyless mind" [Curle]

SRTRKT vs Radiohead
"right place" {white]

"before leaving paris" [Laid]

Rick Howard
"i won't lay back" (underground vocal) [Rush Hour]

Kiss vs Beyonce
"i was made for dreaming 'bout you" (Mad Mix Mustang) [white]

La Roux
"i'm not your toy" (Jack Beats remix) [Polydor]

"lovers dub" [Abucs]

Steffi feat. Elif
"kill me" [ostgut Ton]

Massive Attack feat. Hope Sandoval
"paradise circus" (Gui Boratto remix) [Virgin]

Cortney Tidwell
"palace" (Michel Cleis it's too late remix) [Aus Music]

"vampire" [Echocord]

Willie Hutch
"brothers gonna work it out" (the revenge rework) [Motown]

Mano Le Tough
"eurodancer (dance for euros)" (Azari & IV remix) [Mirau]

"man" [luna Flicks]

Bjorn Berglund feat. Kristek Linder
"the essence" ( Jesper Dahlback remix) [Soundz]

Rob Sparx
"to be in love" [white]

Hell feat. Bryan Ferry
"u can dance" (Carl Craig remix v.2) [International Deejay Gigolo]

"saudade" (Dave Rosario & A-Luv remix) [Dirty Beats]

Nota: Os temas desta lista encontram-se por ordem aleatória

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